Quartz (Slab & Prefab)

Quartz is a beautiful choice for clean lines and bright rooms

Drop by our showroom and let one of our experienced advisers show you how beautiful and durable this product is!

Design Time is proud to offer Premium Quartz, a quartz surface made by an optimal fusion of quartz and resin materials that is both naturally beautiful and incredibly durable. Treated and pressed, quartz stone is one of nature’s hardest minerals. As a result, it does not require sealing, re-polishing or reconditioning. And keeping it clean is a snap. Simply wipe down with warm water and a mild detergent. Unlike many other counter materials, this product is 99.93% solid and resists stains from coffee, tea, wine, grape juice, food coloring, nail polish and many other agents that permanently stain or ruin more vulnerable countertop surfaces.

Customers also like the fact that our Premium Quartz has a smooth and impervious surface, unsuitable for bacteria and microorganism to harbor and grow. If safety and hygiene are a part of your countertop purchasing decision, it's the perfect choice for your home.



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